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The "OBJECTS" of Marzia Boaglio

Precise signs and essential colors enliven the surfaces, moving from the most elementary gesture of dividing and separating spaces, which finds its foundation in Fontana's ancient "cut", to the complexity of a multi-dimensional spatialism, an ideal suggestion of a hypothesized hyperspace.

Language made up of geometrisms that include both the playful process of a cultured Dadaistlike Franz Arp, and the impossible scientism of the visionary Escher.

Signs that for Marzia become symbols implying the psyche of the being due to the semantic significance that, even through a simple and repeated cipher at the Capogrossi, brings out all the complexity of the motives that come from the depth of one's own soul.

Because Marzia personalizes the production of her designer works made of two-dimensional surfaces, weaving them with a renewed and personal linguistic and spatial expression.

It broadens the vision of the ancient and rigorous practice of marquetry on marble and wood with the inclusion in images of symbolic contents, spatial extension and technique, in which it introduces innovative and environmentally friendly products.

From nature it draws on the traditional materials: precious woods and variegated marbles, to pass also to glass, mirrors and innovative water-based resins, which do not disturb the balance of ecosystems, but allow it to compose, with games of reflection and references, overlaps and interpenetrations, suggestive and complex spatial and lighting effects.

Through which Marzia intends to establish a precise relationship of intentional and profound interpersonal communication, which redeems its production from the condition of mere "object" of use and, even though inevitable, consumption.

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Art historian:


Oscar per le arti visive” 2011

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