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Coral aluminum

MARZIA BOAGLIO recognises that aluminium is a metal that surrounds our daily lives. Light and attractive, we find it everywhere: in the kitchen, at school, on public transport, at home and even when we drink a soda.  

Aluminium is part of our everyday life, affording convenience and protection.

On top of this, aluminium is the most recyclable of all materials. Discarded aluminium is more valuable than any other item in the recycling bin.

Aluminium wave effects


Wood is beauty, it is history, our history and the history of the earth.

Wood gives us magical sensations. Wood is a warm, lively and expressive material because it comes from a living thing. It is a chair, a precious table, a sculpture or the wall of a house. It can protect us, heat us, support us, move us.


MARZIA BOAGLIO perceives it as a material capable of expressing resistance, strength, but also delicacy. It contains the story, a story that every knot, every vein, can narrate.


Arches wood
wood inlay
BACIO wood


Glass is one of the most ancient and important discoveries of man. MARZIA BOAGLIO relishes the charm of such a versatile material: whether it can be in the form of a glass, a precious vase or even an unbreakable glass.

Thanks to heat, glass is transformed and can take on many different forms.

Experiments on glass have made this material unique and incredible. It is no longer just a wonderful transparent material, it can be rich in colours and effects capable of creating real optical illusions. Because of this, the varying light effects that can be created with glass, are infinite.


OCEANO lamp in glass
Iridescent glass
glass inlay


The surprising shine of the materials enhances the prestige and natural beauty of the surfaces, creating a timeless language that meets contemporary design with unmatched elegance and harmony.


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